Merci Beaucoup!

Time for a little French lesson:  Rendezvous from rendez, second person plural of se rendre (“to go (to)”) + vous (“you”).  DJ Rendezvous, last night we learned that we can go to you any time we need to get crazy sweaty!

Ladies, this mix was Stefani style b.a.n.a.n.a.s.  The hits kept coming, and the set packed such a punch that we might have to change DJ Rendezvous’ name. I honorarily christen thee…DJ Kid Dynamite!

Seriously though, I did not want to get out of bed this morning.

But it was totally worth it!  I don’t think I have ever witnessed such an enthusiastic dancefloor karaoke-ing as I did on song number 8–the whole studio was singing!  Come to think of it, the whole studio was singing every single song.  I’d hate to be the DJ that has to follow up this masterpiece (mostly because I AM that DJ!)

DJ Rendezvous, your power is discombobulatingly devastating–straight up.  You turned us all into maniacs!  And for that we love you, unmistakably.

And-and, if you want to see yours truly attempt to follow up this behemoth boogie fest, come to class this Wednesday!  Afterward we will be heading to the Horseshoe for some cold beer, BBQ, and karaoke off the dancefloor.


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