Just What We Needed

Ladies, a picture is worth a thousand words (and this one better end up on facebook):

Behold, DJ Slap!Chop! in all her glory!  And if you were with us on the dancefloor this afternoon, then you know that DJ Slap!Chop! not only brought the threads, she brought the tunes to back them up.  Today’s mix paid homage to the punk, glam, and new wave movements of the 70s (by the way, whoever said that the 70s were a throwaway decade clearly never got beyond disco–this shit was RAD.  Or wait, what’s 70s for rad?).  DJ Slap!Chop! worried that her high school and college survival jams would date her, but this mix, and these songs, were as classic and timeless as DJ Slap!Chop! herself.

Fellow fun-loving women, it’s the time of year to take inventory.  Thanksgiving is all about thanks, after all.  Well, it begins today.  Thank you DJ Slap!Chop! for yet another stellar mix!  Thank you fabulous females–especially all you first timers!–for coming out and getting cuh-razy with us!  Thank you Jenns for birthing this magical love child we call DDPP Chicago!  Mix after mix may feature the songs that got us through adolescence, but week by week they are becoming the songs that get us through, well, life.  And man, that makes me feel all Norman-Rockwelly inside…if Norman Rockwell were an anarchist:

So, without further ado, the mix that would have inspired Norman to legally change his name to Punk-Rockwell, pierce his eyebrow with a safety pin, and start shooting heroin:

Thankfully all it made us want to do was get down!  God save you DJ Slap!Chop!, because you are the queen of punk.  We love you woman!  We will miss you while you take a break to get your bum knee fixed, we’ll be sending healing thoughts your way, and we’ll be counting down the days until you are back on the dancefloor doing this:

Note: We WILL have class this Wednesday (11/24), but no class next Sunday (11/28).


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