In which we enter a symbiotic relationship with our inner 7 year old and an actual 7 year old

Oh heck yes ya’ll! We had an ACTUAL 7 YEAR OLD at DDPP on Thanksgiving eve! And she taught us a thing or two about what it means to really release your inner child. She pretty much owned our fabulous lava-projector machine (speaking of thanks-giving – thanks for the extended loan on that machine from the lovely Liz Mason

We took turns scissor kicking while she darted between the shadows of our perilous calves. Speaking of perilous calves, I believe that will be the name of my next band.

This mind-blowing 7 year old got me thinking… what was it like to be that age? I can barely remember anything from that time period other than being a TOTAL bad ass:

Yep. That’s me (JB) on a three-wheeler in stonewashed jeans, aquasocks, the tag on my shirt hanging out, tortoise shell oversized specs and a certifiable mullet. My posture has not changed, sadly.

But what the hell was going through my 7 year old mind? I consulted the wise internet to see what it had to say about this tender, tender age:

“Parents can help their seven year old stay in control by ensuring that she is allowed time to finish what she is doing before insisting that she do something else, for instance – like ripping through a forest with her pals on a three-wheeler or dancing like a maniac on a group of strange women for an hour.

In addition to posting a daily schedule for the family, parents can help seven through the day with simple strategies such as introducing seven to novel experiences, like new foods, new experiences, off-roading and international dance moves.

Speaking of bedtime, seven is often afraid of the dark. One recommendation is to get a lava projector involved in front of which she can freak out until she’s beyond exhaustion.”

WOW – thank you wise internets! This all so intuitively right-feeling. Even from my 29 year old vantage point.

The woman who provided the juice for the severely inspiring evening is none other than DJ S-Pop. And holy moses, it was her first mix…and she knocked it outta the park. Beholdeth the musique:

1)  Black & Gold  – Sam Sparro                3:40
2)  Walking on the Moon – The Dream       4:15
3)  Faster – Janelle Monae                       3:20
4)  Baby I’m a Star – Prince                      4:24
5)  If I had you – Adam Lambert                 3:47

6) Cherry Lips – Garbage                          3:13
7) Precious – The Pretenders                    3:36
8)  Meet Super – Fay Ann Lyons               3:13
9) Que hiciste (remix) Jennifer Lopez        4:38
10) Emboscada Vico C                            4:22
11) Lose Control – Missy Elliot                 3:49
12) Touch – Amerie                                  3:31
13) Crash & burn girl – Robyn                    3:37
14) Gimme more – Britney Spears            4:13
15) Deeper & Deeper – Madonna              4:56
16) The moon and the sky – Sade            4:27

In closing, we offer you a peek into the psyche of yet another other incredible 7 year old… “I want to do it because it’s fun. It’s fun to do bad things.”

May you get in touch with *your* inner 7 year old this holiday weekend. And no – not like that. Yeah – more like that.


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