On the First Day of Hanukkah my DJ Gave to Me

15 killer dance jams, 14 ladies dancing, 13 sweaty armpits, 12 gals a leaping, 11 hoots and hollers, 10 perfect stretches, 9 untied sho-es, 8 gulps of water, 7 knee-hold breathers, 6 spinning women, 5 SASSYBRASS rings!, 4 falling twirls, 3 wrenched necks, 2 cotton gloves, and one DJ brimming with glee!

Yarp. DJ Sassy Brass rang in the festival of lights with a platter of super deep-fried shredded tunes that kept us spooning on our sauce and shoveling ’em down. And…this will be the last time I ever compare a mix to a potato pancake buffet.

Thanks to all the incredible lady dancers who braved the cold to shake their thangs and up the temperature of that little studio by 11 hot degrees. I think it helps the hula dancers who use the space after us feel like they’re in Hawaii. That is if Hawaii also smelled of sweet, sweet sweat.

Check out the Sassy Brass stroke of genie-us below:


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