This Sunday’s DDPP was brought to you by the number 10:

Ten, ten DJ Lady K Studs…Mwah, ah, ah!

Yes, this week marked the 10th mix brought to us by Lady K Stud, and in celebration of this milestone she culled the best tunes from her previous nine mixes and mashed them all together into a super mega butt-busting bonanza!  It didn’t come with an album cover, but if it had, it would have looked something like this:

A thousand points and mucho respect to whoever can identify the actual greatest hits album cover beneath Lady K Stud’s beautiful, smiling face.  I’m looking at you DJ Bran…

Anywho, this is the time of year I inevitably start questioning my choice to live in Chicago.  The temperature plummeted on Sunday, and a front page article on San Francisco in the NYT travel section got me thinking about packing up the car, driving west, and never looking back.  My teeth started chattering the second I hit the sidewalk–which was iced over thick enough that at least one lady busted her bum before she could make it to class.  With the cold wind a whippin’, this was weather sure to *freeze your ass off.*

But by the end of class the room was tropically toasty and the good vibes were flowing, all thanks to DJ Lady K Stud!  We watched our feet thaw, and winter, as well as all of our troubles, felt far away.  Once again Lady K Stud reminded us that life doesn’t have to be complicated.  Good friends, good music, sweet dance moves, and a space to scream lyrics at the top of our lungs is really all we need.  Winter be damned!  There is nowhere else I would rather have been yesterday.

DJ Lady K Stud, a massive thanks from all the ladies of the world for this early Christmas gift:

Counting down the days to Greatest Hits Vol.2…



7 thoughts on “DD, PP, FYAO*

  1. WOAH! Clink! Your photoshop skills are blowing my lid off! and oooh oooh! the first album cover is RICK ASTLEY! gorgeous! although KStud looks far better in a golden shirt. And for extra points, can I say the last cover is ABBA?! Love this shit.

  2. Sorry I missed it! Still home recovering from knee surgery! Right now I’m rockin’ out to “Sit and Be Fit” on channel 20 and seated warmups from “Easy Yoga for the Rest of Us.” Can’t wait to come back!

  3. Thanks everyone for making my momma feel so welcome at DDPP, she LOVED it! And the Happy Birthday song you all broke into for her was just really sweet. She can’t stop talking about how much fun she had. 🙂

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