Like other illustrious folks with initials for names (R2D2, C3pO), our dear DJ tonight, DJKK seemed to hail from a land where magical things are possible.

Magic like… let’s say a flying antelope. Or… James Franco having a twin that enjoyed making out with him on camera.

No joke – DJKK’s mix was a chemical compound that made for explosive danceousity… the kind Mr. Wizard would need lab goggles for. And the magic created by adding her mix to our willingly flailing bodies also resulted in two long-lost college dorm-mates randomly finding each other in the dark, on the dance floor. Dance MAGIC Dance!

In other magical news, the kind in which one candle lasts for 8 days or something… I learned from DJKK’s mix that a song I had been “virally emailed” by my great uncle Herschel for Hanukkah is actually a real song (song #12 on her mix) that some “nice, Jewish boys” from Yeshiva co-opted and made all Kosher.

AIE! Maybe you need a little healing after watching that Hanukkah video. And maybe you’re feeling nostalgic and thirsty. Here you go, buddy. Thanks for coming out.


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