Singin’ in the Snow

Two things happened today.  #1, the roof of the Metrodome collapsed:

Numero dos: DJ Mooo-ve It blew the roof off the studio!  Or wait a minute, was it that horizontal jet stream of snow?  No, no it was definitely DJ Mooo-ve It.  You’ve seen the famous painting of a polar bear in a snowstorm, right?

Well once I heard DJ Mooo-ve It was a big fan of cows, I couldn’t help wondering what a white cow in a snowstorm would look like…


This cow is apparently drinking something out of a red straw.  I hope it’s not milk, because that would just be wrong.  So very wrong.

I also thought about what it would be like if we held DDPP outdoors…

This is the closest thing I could find, and I’m thinking we’re going to have to rectify this at some point.  Any volunteers???

Anyway, thanks a million DJ Mooo-ve It!  You made us feel some sweet emotions.  Not a one of us wanted to say bye bye bye to the dancefloor at 5 pm, and it wasn’t just because Chicago looked like a snow globe in a spin cycle:

To all you ladies who stayed indoors today: shame on you!  There is no video evidence of the fun you missed, but these boys will show you how it’s done (and also prove how desperate some dudes are for a man-style DDPP).



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