Sweet Beats = Sweaty Teats

Sunday’s class was a testament to what Dance Dance Party Party is all about! A group of women together for the sole purpose of letting go, dancing their asses off, getting a great work out and meeting awesome new friends!

We had the honor of shakin’ our thangs to the infamous DJ SEX FROSTING and oh what a sweaty and liberating hour it was! I found myself transported to another dimension as the hits kept on HITTIN’! The ecstasy was tangible, y’allz.  As it so happens DJ Sex Frosting brought a HOTT entourage with matchin’ shirts!  The sexy is back and I’m ready to smear it allll over my cupcake!

One sweet treat was having Senior Den Mother Laurie Schwartz (known to DDPP as the giver of life to our own Den Mother Kelley Clink). It was her first DDPP and she fit right in! So great to have her with us!

Here is the amazing playlist that had us sweatin’ our baguettes off!!


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