Happiness = dancing? O’Hal Yeah

If you don’t have 3 minutes and 36 seconds to spare, but more like 36, please watch 36 seconds starting at minute 1:41. And yes, this queen of dance’s name is: Happiness.

And so we are hereby referring to this goddess Happiness from now on as “Lady Saint Happiness: the Perfect Queen of Soul Spirit Exemplar.”  Thanks to Catherine Carrigan for sending that vid our way. And mega thanks to our DJ du jour, DJ O’Hal Yeah for creating a playlist that turned all of us into pure Happiness (aka LSHPQSSE) at one point or another during the eventide:

So how did this playlist of pure happiness play out more broadly speaking? Like this:

But instead of a shirtless cookie-monster doo-rag man-child with a celly tell, sub in a sea of shimmering shimmy-ing ladies, infinitely refracted and recursed and reflected within the mirrors of our humble studio, the sequins on their skirts, the glint of their gold lame (lah-MAY) leggings, and in the sparkle of their white teeths and scleras.

We had 2 birthdays in the house, and a fever of DDPP virgins steaming up the mirrors.Were cakes to have been on the floor, you betcher soggy bottom we would have been thigh deep in frosting.

A very happy 1st Wednesday DDPP of the year, ya’ll! And happy birthdays to O’Hal Yeah and Melissa – please come back any every time.


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