Happy Birthday, Mr. Stardust

For those of you who don’t have this permanently emblazoned upon your calendars, this past weekend marked David Bowie’s 64th birthday!

Now here comes the fun part.  What do you get when you mix the king of glam with a DDPP queen known as DJ Kling-On?

A) a hilarious bastard love child created in photoshop:

B) a couple of ladies spinning themselves silly in the middle of the dancefloor:

C) a killer tribute mix:

Answer?  D–ALL OF THE ABOVE!!  And probably a lot more.  You see, I was unable to celebrate Bowie’s B-Day in the studio, as I’ve been felled by my recurrent old-lady hip injury (stupid kickboxing).  So I’m asking you dear readers, dear dancers, dear random strangers who’ve happened upon this blog, tell me what happened on Sunday!!  Or share some other Bowie-inspired memory, joy, or wisdom.  Leave your comments ladies, so that DJ Kling-On might know the ways in which Bowie has touched your heart.

Also, thanks to everyone for putting up with the photog on Sunday!  The resulting story is going to appear in the Red Eye, and we’ll make sure to send an email blast to let you all know when to look for it!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mr. Stardust

  1. How funny – I looked at the comments and saw one from a Jill W. I was like Oh, I commented, I don’t remember doing that. Then I read the comment and thought, Uh. I don’t think I wrote that. It slowly dawned on me that there just might be two Jill W.s in this world!

    Does anyone know if the playlist is all David Bowie songs tonight?


    Jill W. Deuce

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