DJ MLB Dishes Out Music + Trade Secrets

The den mother Jenn’s were uber-bummed we couldn’t be at DDPP getting our sweat on last night with the 2 Live Crew. It seems we’ve both contracted some throat-crap-cold. We’re on the mend though – yesterday I sounded like Satan choking on a pine cone. Today, it’s more like Kathleen Turner.

From what was reported by life-saver DJ Ssssnake – we heard it was chock-a-block full of DDPP virginal energy (so pure! so zesty!). And from our dear tune-spinner Emeritus, DJ Michelle Leslie Brown – this is what she done spun:

So rather than patently lying and pretending we have any perspective on what all transpired last night, we thought you might want to know, as we do, a bit more about this mysterious DJ MLB… who is now on her umpteenth mix for DDPP. Yes, she is our most prolific DJ EVER. How the hell does she manage it, month after month? Mix after mix? Keep reading, you literate dancer, you.

1. OK – your DJ name, DJ Michelle Leslie Brown. What gives? Where did that moniker come from?

DJ MLB: it all started with the fugees. specifically, the skit that starts at the 4:15 mark here:
i listened to that fugees album on a nonstop basis back in the day. the dorm i lived in my sophomore through senior years of college had a radio station, and i adopted mlb as my dj name. when i decided to start dj’ing for ddpp, mlb seemed like an obvious choice (to me, anyway!)
2. Do you remember your virginal experience at DDPP? If so – what went through your mind? What was it like?
DJ MLB: i wish i could remember my first time at ddpp. i’m sure i thought it a bit strange a first, but obviously that didn’t deter me from coming back!
3. Tough question – what has been your favorite DDPP moment? If you can’t choose one, we understand.
DJ MLB: actually, this one’s easy – the day after election day 2008. it’s hands down my favorite ddpp moment, and not just b/c i dj that night. there was definitely a higher than usual level of energy in the studio that night and i’m pretty sure we were all still floating from seeing obama elected.
4. Since you’re our most prolific DJ – I think the people deserve to know – how the hell do you do it? What’s your process like? And since you usually have all songs that have never been played at DDPP…where do you go to find the songs you use? Your personal collection, the interwebs, what websites?
DJ MLB: most of the songs i use come from the collection of just under 7,000 songs (and counting!) i have in my itunes library. sometimes i’ll hear a song on tv or while i’m out and about and think “hey, that’d be a good ddpp song,” and add it to my collection if i don’t already own it. sometimes teh interwebz will introduce me to a song that i just have to have. i’m lucky in that i have a lot of friends who are into music, so we’re usually sharing songs/artists that we’re currently in love with, so that helps build my overall collection.
in terms of making a playlist: i have a “songs i want to use for ddpp” list. once i’m ready to start making my playlist, i’ll start throwing songs together from that playlist to see if/how they work together. then, of course, i have to check the ddpp database (which i’d like to make a plug for, if i may – hey, dj’s! add your playlists to the ddpp database! thanks!) to see if the song’s been played before. if it’s not in the database, then it’s a go. if it’s already in the database, then i’ll usually save it for a dj rerun playlist…or, if i REALLY want to dance to that song, then i put it on the playlist anyway.
5. Onto the lightning round of super tough questions:

-Prince or Michael? Why?

DJ MLB: in concert: michael, b/c i never got to see him perform live. otherwise, prince.

-Janet or Erykah? Why?

DJ MLB: if i want to be entertained? janet. if i want something to listen to while i’m having a glass of wine and/or thinking deep thoughts? erykah.

-Al (Green) or Otis (Redding)? Why?

DJ MLB: ok, this is a tough one. as much as i love otis, al gets the edge b/c “love and happiness” is one of the best.songs.EVER. if you don’t like “love and happiness,” then you have no soul *and* the terrorists win.
6. What dancey song would you be thrilled to never hear again?
DJ MLB: oh, wow. i’d be ok if that “barbie girl” song went away and never came back. it was fun the first million times i heard it, but i could live the rest of my life quite happily if i never heard it again.
7. What dancey song would be impossible to torture you with? (in other words, someone could lock you in a room with it on full blast for a week straight and you’d still be loving it at sundown on day 7?)
DJ MLB: i’m not sure i can pick just one song for this one!
8. If money was no object, and perhaps raising the dead were possible, which artist or band would you bring to play a live set at DDPP? Why?
DJ MLB: it’s a tie: the roots and femi kuti. they both put on AMAZING live shows and i could (and have) listened to them live for hours on end.
9. What makes you come back every (or nearly) every week?
DJ MLB: lots of things, actually. i count ddpp as my weekly workout. i love getting excited about songs i haven’t heard in ages, and i love hearing new songs that need to get added to my collection. ddpp helps me get through the week – the first part of the week could suck, but i know i’m gonna dance on wednesday. thursday and friday might be crazy, but i danced on wednesday and therefore life is good. it’s gotten to the point now where if i skip more than one wednesday, i feel a bit lost, like “i should be dancing right now! why am i not dancing?”
10. What question didn’t I ask that you wish I would have? (and answer it:))
DJ MLB: i got nothing. 😛
11. Do these sweatbands make my wrists look warm?
DJ MLB: if by warm you mean hot and by hot you mean awesome, then yes. 🙂
And upon request for a photo to run with this interview, DJ MLB retained her mysterious ways and provided this rendering of herself.

One thought on “DJ MLB Dishes Out Music + Trade Secrets

  1. Great interview!!! I was a both jubilant and a little misty eyed during that 2008 election day playlist….I remember it well.

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