Super Charged

In physics, energy is a quantity that is often understood as the ability a physical system has to produce changes on another physical system.  In Chicago, DJ ENRG is often understood as the lady with the ability to produce a spontaneous catwalk in the middle of a dance party:

It might have been the first time the entire room of dancers participated in spontaneous choreography–it was at least the first time I ever witnessed it. Props to DJ U.N.I.T.Y. for getting the modeliciousness going, and also for unleashing, and whipping, her gorgeous mane!  Another DDPP first!

From the liberation of locks to Barbara Streisand to our beloved DJ’s awesome moniker (her real initials!), the (subconscious?) theme of this mix was definitely POWER.  When running on pure ENRG, one needs no gin in her system to shake it into overdrive.  All she needs is a little human flesh, and maybe a map of Tasmania, and WHAMMO–fully charged!  Though I think it’s safe to say that our batteries were fully drained by the end of this one. Check out the mix that danced us dirty:

Energy is understood to produce changes on another physical system.  Well DJ ENRG, your kinetic miracle flooded us with a thousand volts of joy!  Way to be the change you want to see in the world!  Gandhi would be proud.  Or Barbara Streisand would, anyway.

And if you thought todays mix was hot, you should check out the fabulous burlesque show that DJ ENRG is choreographing!  The Kiss Kiss Cabaret can be seen Fridays at 11pm at the Greenhouse Theatre Center.  Facebook it!  Check out the website!  Buy tickets!   But wait, DDPPers are eligible for half price tickets if they want to go on Feb. 18.  All you have to do is shoot DJ ENRG ( an email!  What are you waiting for?  Check it out!

Okay, now to wrap a hot towel around my neck.  I feel a class action lawsuit against Willow Smith a brewin’…


6 thoughts on “Super Charged

  1. This is awesome! Thank you so much! Yesterday was such a blast. My neck is hurting from whipping my hair, too.

    I hope y’all can join me for Kiss Kiss Cabaret on the 18th! xoxo

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