SUPER SPECIAL: Valentine’s DDPP DOUBLE SESSION! In honor of those we’ve loved and lost…

To pay tribute to the holiday that’s all about ❤ LOVE <3, we’re doing two super special DDPPs on Sunday, Feb 13th! That’s right – there will be 2 DDPP sessions in a single day. Can you handle it? We certainly can.

The first session will be from 2pm-3pm and we’ll be breaking one of our cardinal DDPP rules just this once. Yep – we’re allowing DUDES! In honor of a dear friend of ours, Gavin Welch, who passed away in 2010 in a car accident, we’ll be doing our first-ever DDPP where humans with penises will be allowed to shake it with those of us with fallopian tubers on the dance floor! All proceeds of this DDPP will go towards causes that were dear to Gavin’s heart.

Our 2nd DDPP of the day will be the usual time, from 4-5pm and it will be the classic, ladies only DDPP. In this special Valentine’s day edition of the classic DDPP, we’ll also be dancing in memory of those who we continue to love, but who are just with us in spirit. And in case you needed another reason to spend two glorious hours on the dance floor, we’ll give you one: if you come to the first hour of DDPP, the second one is FREE! Yep – two hours or dancing for the price of 1! That’s just our little way of saying WE LOVE YOU, too.

Please spread the word ya’ll! For the love of dance. For the love of those we’ve loved and continue to love…


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