Sport V Dance

Two big winners emerged from events so big on Sunday, they can only be called super.

One was Aaron Rodgers, the other DJ L Scream. With every winner though, there are sometimes losers. (click on the photo below to reveal one, and here for another).

But among the winners, one could construct an even larger battle. Sport versus Dance. Your logic could run like the one below. But that Venn diagram is just dead azz wrong when you consider Dance Dance Party Party.

Exhibit A – “performance and appearance are important” NOPE. Who the hell is anyone trying to impress?

Exhibit B – wait. Why the hell am I wasting all of our time? There ain’t no need to nitpick this 4th grade assessment. We should just pair up the manliest of sports (pro wrestling of course) versus the power of body + music and see what happens.

Dance wins by a landslide, suplex, boston crab, piledriver, and a jump off the top turnbuckle. Enter this playlist into evidence. BANG goes the gavel. CASE CLOSED.

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