Breeches Women Ill Ill!

Our DJ du jour this past Wednesday was none other than our terrific, our prolific DJ Michelle Leslie Brown. But say there – would a DJ by any other name smell as sweet? Accordingeth to this uber fun anagram generator, she could also just as easily be known as: DJ Embellish Recline Low, DJ Chenille Smell Rib Woe (a rib woe, I actually do have. PSYCHIC generator!), or of course, my fav: DJ Breeches Women Ill Ill.

So wha happened on Weds? Pretty much this:

Our DJ had a room full of DDPP virgins begging, pleading for more. She dished out all never-been-played-at-ddpp-before tunes, as she’s known to do, and raised our collective body temperatures to approximately 946 degrees (Celsius). And I guess we should mention this, too… her mix was also rumored to be responsible for liberating Egypt from (now former!) President Mubarak. Reaction shots:

Let freedom, liberation and dance music RING! Congrats on another historic mix, DJ MLB!



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