Double Dare: DDPP Gets Transcendent

What. A. Sunday. It’s actually hard to describe without resorting to analogies packed with rainbows, glitter, and buckets of warm, wet triumph – otherwise known as sweat. But I’ll do my best here and begin by saying this past Sunday may go down as the best day in DDPP history thus far. And yes, we’ve been at it for years now. Perhaps this is the case because we broke format for the first DDPP and allowed the XY chromosome to join over 2 dozen of us us in jaw-dropping displays of bodily mobility (boys – 5 of ’em, were fully present). Or maybe it’s because our 2nd DDPP had over 30 women freaking the frick out. But I’d like to keep the wonderment in mind that there just may have been more of us in the studio than we actually counted, as these 2 mixes were all about celebrating and honoring those we’ve loved and lost. Yep. I think all that extra energy in the room were really spirits there to check out our moves and giggle/marvel at our silly flesh-contained souls.

The first mix of the day was DJed by myself, known to you this day as “DJ Eye of the Tiger Balm.” But you likely already put that together by seeing my latest passport photo above. My mix was honoring a dear friend of mine, and a dear friend of so many – Gavin Welch. Last year he was killed in a car accident, and left so many of us in awe of how one young person can be responsible for so many incredible, hysterically funny memories in so many lives. As you can appreciate from the photos below of sir Gavin (all painted/photoshopped by him), he was as full of love, hilarity, and hope.

The mix I put together in his honor, was composed of some of his favorite songs off his ipod (as sent by his lovely sister, Meghan Welch), some songs that were #1 on the charts during his birthweek (today is his birthday, Feb 15th), and some songs that just exuded Gavin energy. The last song, Temple Mystique is by a new band called “The Hidden Words” and is made up of the former creators of the Unicorns and Islands – both amazing Montreal bands. This last song is a reference to writings of Baha’u’llah, the prophet-founder of the Baha’i Faith, of which Gavin was a member.

Thank you SO much to all who showed up in support of our experimental, male-open DDPP. I think we all agree with DDPP regular Jill, who said afterward: “You know what, I had no problem with having mens at DDPP. I didn’t think that the vibe was that different with them there. If we want to invite them back again that is OK with me.” Mens – keep yer eyes peeled, we may just be rolling out the red carpet for you once again, soon.

Our second mix of Sunday was also in honor of someone super special, our DJ U.N.I.T.Y.’s dear mother, Maria, who passed away 11 years ago on this day, February 15th.  Unity said her mamma is who inspired her insatiable love of dancing, and as you can see from the photos below, Maria knew what was up.

DJ U.N.I.T.Y.’s mix brought the house up, down and sideways. We had a near record number of ladies turn out to turn themselves inside out to her relentlessly catchy and groovable mixterpiece. And what took it over the top? Glow bracelets. Lots of em. This is one DJ who has been earning her style points. If you need anymore proof, look no further than her senior year photo.

Much of the inspiration behind her song choice was her mom, Maria. Sweet Dreams was Maria’s all time favorite song, and Hey There was #1 the week and year she was born.

(Song #2–Track 11 is Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics, Song #15—track 5 is Take on me by A-ha.)

Thank you Unity for yelping yer hiney off, getting all these amazing women to come out and feel the power of DDPP, and for this just.plain.perfect mix that brought us all over the top. I heard reports of women getting out of class and sprinting around the neighborhood as fast as they could, pumping fists… of the best nights of sleep they’ve had in years… and of total healing heart explosions of goodness. Yep, that’s one damn fine way to have spent Valentine’s day weekend, I reckon.


7 thoughts on “Double Dare: DDPP Gets Transcendent

  1. I am definitely still on a love high! What an excellent time…thanks to all the ladies & gentlemen who came out for this special day!

  2. This was my second time at DDPP and I am looking forward to more sessions . I loved the tribute to DJ U.n.i.t.y’s mom, she would be proud of her. I felt the love. I also loved the glowy bracelets! Nice touch. this is the most fun you can have for $5.00! See you again real soon!

  3. Ooooh WOW! I am so sorry to have been out of town for this, but so glad that you all had such an amazing time. There are echoes of joy, love, celebration, and healing in this blog post. Trans-pacific hugs to you all, especially DJ U.N.I.T.Y, Tiger Eye-Balm, and everyone there to honor the memories of loved ones.
    Looking forward to celebrating life with you all again soon!

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