Post-Op Explosion x10

Slap Chop shocking us monkeys.

It was a dark & stormy afternoon, but that was nothing to the Sunday DDPP crew, tough ladies that we are—we waded through the muck & the mire (and perhaps jumped in a puddle or two…ah the child in one never dies) to be rocked to the core…by none other than DJ Slap Chop!  Not only did Slap Chop bring the tunes in her 1st DJing outing since her knee surgery…it was her 10th time delighting the DDPP masses.  She brought the house down with her playlist making skillz–proving that she was indeed “back in the saddle again& we were sweaty heaps because of it.  Everybody did indeed have fun that night!

Back in the saddle.

Knee surgery cannot slow down Slap Chop!

You know it is good when the smiles on the faces of the newbies (welcome ladies!!) glow with satisfaction & with a yearning for more. 

Check the playlist here. 


We love ya Slap Chop & thanks for bringing your own cult of personality for the 10th time…OH YEAH!


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