Highway to the Pelagic Zone

Any mix that has Kenny Loggins on it is after my heart. Any mix that has Kenny Loggins on it TWICE on it is testing my ability to not propose marriage to the ipod. And any DJ who contributes a new word to our collective vocabulary (as one DDPPer said “that’s a GRE word!) with her own DJ name is dangerously, excitingly pushing the bounds of over-stimulation and yes, MAGIC!

DJ Pelagic Magic did all of this and more during Wednesday’s evening of enchantment. With a room full of DDPP first timers, she gave them a spirited lesson in how a mere 60 minutes of music can transform the very chemistry in one’s body & brain for the better and how an hour of shakin it can disorient oneself so fully that they feel as though they’re on the highway to the danger PELAGIC ZONE.

Pay Attention: Any water in the sea that is not close to the bottom or near to the shore is in the pelagic zone. The word pelagic comes from the Greek πέλαγος or pélagos, which means open sea. And it was in this majestic zone where we all swam willingly and lost our bearings on what social etiquette entails, how one is supposed to move one’s body in the company of strangers, and how to be blissfully unaware of what others think of us for one full hour. In this magic, pelagic zone, we made new friends.

Sorry – I just really love that illustration. And those happen to be creatures found in the very pelagic zone that we entered. And so was this young man below, who was similarly disoriented as well, but appropriately appointed. I wish we could have gotten a photo of all of us together . Damn. Next time.

Thank you DJ Pelagic Magic for such a boundless, beauteous mix! We will gladly leave our life preservers behind and trust you to bring us out to sea and back to shore any ol time.

and if you want to be less awed by beauty but more by weirdness, there’s this:



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