Unofficial Bacon Fest 2011

Last night was a pork paradise, a farmyard fantasy, all thanks to the siren songs of DJ Bacon Strippa. A whole mess of us showed up and shimmied our shanks and crunked our cutlets to absurdly awesome mash-ups.
And about 70% through the mix, as we were all riding that meat high, I fixed my antennae towards the collective unconscious of the room to see what other absurdly awesome mash-ups I could detect. And these perfectly marbled images were EXACTLY what I saw.
The Ba-con Bunch. The Ba-con bunch. That’s the way we became the Ba-con bunch!
(ironic fun fact – the title of this image I found online was “Prince vegetarian”)

Bravo to whoever’s thought waves were envisioning Kevin Bacon riding the Narwhal as the magical creature spliced through a giant crisper. Bet the sonar sounds produced from that satisfying snap resulted in a feeding frenzy from everyone living in the entire ocean. We can only hope that Kevin Bacon remains unharmed.

Behold the mix that seriously sizzled!

Thanks to DJ Bacon Strippa for not only providing us with our monthly allotment of vitamin B12, but also for including so many hopeful songs of spring awakenings. That Brady Bunch situation was the song that gives that icy, unrelenting winter nightmares, and gives us all hope for the coming days that we get to strippa down our marbled layers. February was one bad romance we were all ready to end.


2 thoughts on “Unofficial Bacon Fest 2011

  1. Living in Indiana I have become intimately acquainted with all things pork!!!! I shoulda been there with ya’ll shakin my bakin!!!!! DAMN!!

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