One Sassy Mama!

On any given Sunday (or Wednesday for that matter), the studio is chock full of sassy mamas.  But this week only one woman could truly claim the title, and that woman had the proud distinction of birthing this week’s DJ into the world–literally.  We shall call her Mama Sassybrass!  (The short version, for those who aren’t in the mood for my convoluted ramblings: DJ Sassybrass brought her mother AND this week’s hot beats.)

This week it was all about…


So much so that DJ U.N.I.T.Y. was moved to throw open the door during Johnny Nash and bask in the (sort-of) sunny day!  Let’s face it, with a Chicago spring you take what you can get.  Thankfully DJ Sassybrass  was handing out  blue skies and rainbows like they were going out of style.  She so dispelled the collective BS-of-life funk that one dancer claimed: “I think this mix just saved my marriage!”  FINALLY, an alternative to Tony Robbins:

DJ Sassybrass, just when we thought we were all alone in an empty house, you took us for a walk around the lake.  You sang us a song (and the Old Town School took a picture of it).  Ben Folds would probably say there’s someone out there cooler than you, but we don’t agree!  Thanks to this mix, we ALL shook what our mamas gave us:

Have a good time on your vay-cay sister!  But watch out for David Lee Roth…


One thought on “One Sassy Mama!

  1. Good times…I am glad to go out on a great note since I won’t be here the rest of March. I will miss you ladies & look forward to April. Kelley C…it is great to have your booty shaking back 🙂

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