I Haz a Stud

This Sunday one of my favorite human beings no doubt rocked your socks off: DJ Lady K Stud!  Why was I not there?  The reason is twofold and can best be explained by cats with horrid spelling and grammar:


Writing about a mix that you weren’t able to experience is soooooo hard.  Not because you weren’t there to witness everyone doin’ and gettin’ up off their thangs, and therefore have to imagine all the sweet funky moves busted by regulars and newbies, the spontaneous, once-in-a-lifetime choreography that may have occurred, and just the completely unique flavor of the day.  No, it’s hard because you have to mourn the fact that you weren’t there!  Ladies, there is no place I would rather have been than that dance floor, and peeping this mix is pure torture.  I have complete and total faith that Sunday was BANANAS, in the Gwen Stefani spells it out kind of sense.  Please feel free to drop some comments about how fantabulous it was.  I can take it.

DJ Lady K Stud, thank you for bringing such hot schtuff!  I am counting down the days until your next mix, lighting candles, and sacrificing virgins to the dance gods that I might be there to FREAK THE FRICK OUT.


The song Monster by a certain local Chicago rapper/producer was so explicit it was scary!  I loved every minute of it (and hope the first time MOM attendee did as well) but it had me wondering…Who is the REAL monster in this scenario.  I’ll let you decide:


4 thoughts on “I Haz a Stud

  1. ARGH! Not only did I also miss this mix (for sssshame, I know) but the DJ unknowingly swiped a song from the mix I’m putting together for next month. How on Earth did we both remember the brilliance of “Cherry Cherry” at the same time? Back to the drawing board, it seemssss….

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