Dancing Undercover

Spring sprang, oh my – dang! And DJ Agent N was there to usher it in with panache. This DJ’s mix and her name were so delightfully intriguing, we had to get some answers. So amongst a backdrop of fresh cut roses with hot cups of tea in hand, we asked her some tough questions.

DDPP: Agent N, where doth your name come from?

AGENT N: My daughter, Tevya came up with the name about four years ago. She was very interested in becoming a secret agent/ice skater. She figured that if she was both she could protect the other ice skaters from being kidnapped. You know how the evil villains of the world are always trying to snatch up ice skaters, right? Tevya was going to solve this problem. Just think how much better Brian Boitano would have been able to sleep at night if figure skater protection (FSP for short) existed.

Now she’s really into animal science, maybe I’ll ask her to rename me. It would have to involve Bonobos in some way because Bonobos are awesome and they know it’s all about the ladies:

(Speaking of bonobos and the Johnny Nash song on Agent N’s mix… Book Plug alert! READ THIS!!!)

DDPP: How old was your daughter when she bequeathed your moniker?

AGENT N: I think she was six? She’s almost eleven now and her DJ name is Sweet T or Jellyfish.

DDPP: Where are your go-to spots to find new tunes?

AGENT N: My iTunes library is completely made of Starbucks Pick of the Week songs. Joke! I would say it’s a combination of friends recommendations, independent radio and music reviews from my favorite magazines or Chicago Reader. I get hungry for new music all the time so I just put out feelers until I’m satisfied.

DDPP: Upon googling Agent N, a burlesque dancer with the same name doing a “pants off dance off” video came up as well as a lady on facebook came up – who is also a DJ. How do you feel about this company you’re in? What binds you together/sets you apart?

AGENT N: We are actually all the same person, and this person’s true identity is Ben Affleck.

DDPP: In addition to being an amazing DJ, you are also a doula. Do you find overlap in these two fields? What would it be?

AGENT N: After I go to a birth I have this sort of birth high for a few days. It is an incredible experience to move through a labor with expectant families and by the end I’m this ball of exhausted energy. It’s sort of a combination of feeling goofy, tired and happy. Usually the best way for me to get my head straight is to do something physical and DDPP is perfect for that.

DDPP: How do you think Yo-Landi Vi$$er (of Die Antwoord) described the haircut she wanted (and now has) to her hairdresser?

AGENT N: I have a huge crush on Yo-Landi. Did you know she and Ninja had a baby together? I have an unhealthy desire to lay eyes upon that child. The haircut? She probably said: “Make it fancy, but don’t make me look like a f*$#ing pus.”

DDPP: Barbara Streisand and dance music – your feelings?

AGENT N: They go together like gravy on biscuits.

DDPP: Why do you DDPP?

AGENT N: I’ve been in love with dancing my whole life. When I was my daughter’s age I would spend hours in my backyard with my Walkman glued to my ears dancing around to David Bowie or Salt n’ Pepa. Shaking it in the backyard was much more exciting then all the tap and ballet classes my mom took me to. As an adult I’ve enjoyed belly dancing for the past five years and that has been a fun and rewarding experience. I have to say there is something transcendent about DDPP for me. It pulls me back to being that girl with the Walkman. I end up getting into the music, closing my eyes and then suddenly remembering to open them because I’m worried that I’m going to whack another dancer with my swinging arms. It feels good to get connected and dork out.

Thank you DJ Agent N for coaxing a group dork-out of epic proportions on Wednesday evenin! It will not soon be forgotten.


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