OK! I believe you!

Hey ladies? (yeah?) You ever been to DDPP? (yeah!) Well did you know that according to yelp, it’s the #1 spot for Chicagoland nightlife? (WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!)

Yeah, neither did we! It’s simultaneously flattering/astounding/hilarious that an activity that only includes women, bans booze and let’s out at the latest at 8:15pm is in the #1 nightlife spot. But… after experiencing the sweatballs mix that DJ AWOL cooked up for us tonight, we all pulled a Harry Belafonte and said, “OK, I believe you (yelp)!” (thanks to all you yelpers for giving us such glowing reviews! we love em!)

At the beginning of class, your den mammas assured the newbies (which included a mother/daughter combo – hooray!) that there would be no circle anyone had to enter and dance solo in the middle of, or no conga lines or what not. We apparently lied about one of the two of those things. But hey – even those of us who have been DDPPing it for years can never fully predict what kind of shenanigans a song will stir in our souls. Yep – a conga line broke out. And the shadow dancing was hawt. And there were more than a dozen ladies walking the walk of liberation, like Egyptians (except for one Egyptian of course.)

We dare you not to dance, too:

Thanks to all the fantastic women who came out last night (PS – it’s snowing. And it’s March) and to DJ AWOL for putting together one booty-buster of a mix! It was so good, it makes us wonder if you’re even human…

vampire girl!!!


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