Puttin’ on the hitz!

Let’s get real here for a minute, people: March has been a weird month for, well, people. The earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear crisis in Japan is now being called the most expensive natural disaster in world history. The U.S. and its allies are bombing Libya. Teachers and other government employees are being stripped of their collective bargaining rights in nearby states. Charlie Sheen keeps talking about tiger blood and “winning” even though I’m pretty sure when he wins, we as a society lose. And Rebecca Black (who, to be clear, I am sure is a lovely person) stands to earn $1 million or more off a song that makes a 13-year-old’s decision about whether to kick it in the front seat versus the back seat seem like a true moral quandary. In short, these is troubling times. It kinda makes you feel like this guy:


Or maybe it just makes you feel like this rabbit:


And in troubling times, what soothes us? I suppose I can’t speak for everyone impacted by the physical, political and PR disasters described above, but I’m pretty sure that all seventeen women who showed up on Sunday afternoon felt that the answer to that question was “HITZ THAT I CAN DANCE TO!” Behold the playlist that had us strumming our air guitars, shouting song lyrics, howling like Shewolves and pogoing with (and along to) Glee:

If all you need is love, then DJ Rendezvous supplied us with enough of it to make it through the rest of the week in fine fashion. And for that we are very, very grateful. Thanks, DJ!!!


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