Solid! Solid as a rock! As gold! As skype dance parties!

Woah woah ya’ll. DJ L Scream came out on Wednesday with one solid mix in her bag that she dropped on us like well, a bomb. And speaking of bombs, check out this video regaling other forms of solidity.

Nope kids, you should never let your Uncle Rick convince you that he should make an incredible music video for your chart-topping song with his brand new camera and editing software.

Regarding all other things solid, we had a super solid group of long-time DDPPers sprinkled with some newbies and even a few virgins who shook the studio to this fantabulous mix below.

Although as usual, there were no dudes allowed into the mix. We invited one particular dude in through our first ever SKYPE DDPP! Yep – we hooked up a laptop, placed it in a corner and skyped with none other than Julian Assange of Wikileaks as he partied down in Reykjavik! Check out this video grab of him dancing to DJ L Scream’s bomb ass mix!

Wah wah wah… April Fool’s ya’ll. Did we getcha with that one? Regardless, L Scream got us with her tricked out mix makin. Thanks ladeeeeees!


2 thoughts on “Solid! Solid as a rock! As gold! As skype dance parties!

  1. hmmm…3 of these songs are on my next playlist. Hopefully you all won’t be tired of them 🙂 Sorry I missed this.

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