Sunday, meet Wednesday.

In preparing my playlist for this Sunday, it occurred to me that most of you fabulous ladies, for various reasons, tend to make it to DDPP just once a week. Somehow, you make the difficult “Sunday vs. Wednesday” call, EVEN THOUGH you recognize that that means you will be missing out on the awesome jamz curated by your fellow DJs on a weekly basis! This thought made me sort of sad and, strangely, tired. Like if you’d been all, “Hey, DJ Ssssnake, let’s go for a walk!” I would’ve responded like this:


(All apologies, y’all, but now that I’ve taken over blogging duties, you can anticipate at least a 45% increase in cute animal videos.)

Anyway, it wasn’t but a minute or two later before inspiration struck. I had a bright idea about this Dance Dance Party Party of ours. You know, like a lightbulb went off over my head and I shouted Eureka! Or wore it on my chest while standing next to a human disco ball:

(Thanks, DJs Sex Frosting and Lady KStud, for illustrating that idea perfectly through your choice of Halloween costumes)

OK, where was I? Oh yeah, my inspiration! If our Sunday ladies can’t make it to Wednesdays then, dangit, I will bring our Wednesdays to Sundays! The mix I compiled featured some of my favorite songs I’ve danced to on Wednesdays over the last several months, including selections from too many DJs to name. And it proved a pretty fantastic introduction for the handful of newbies we welcomed to the studio that afternoon. Within no time, they jumped at the chance to Jump in the Line and all sixteen of us, DDPPers new and old, made sure that there was Azz EVERYWHERE.

It was a wonderful, joyful, deeply silly afternoon, and it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for you killer women and your deadly taste in tunes. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for doing what you do, for being a part of this crazy collective called Dance Dance Party Party. Keep on finding those deep cuts and well-loved hits and I will, well, keep stealing them for my own playlists. Maybe I’ll even introduce the Wednesday crew to our special brand of Sunday madness real soon!


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