Confessions of a Teenage Dance-aholic….

Dear Diary,

Last night was SOO cool!  I was super cranky after school because Rodney McJenkins gave me the cold shoulder when I asked him about our math homework, but then I went to dance class!!  There were so many other girls there and they were dressed all comfy and sporty-like.  We were jumping and clapping and grooving like it was Spring Break!  DJ Gingersnap took the room for a trip around the high school track with my fave songs!  Everyone was freaking OUT!  I was like LOL and WTF and LMAO!!

My favorite part (besides the random Red Bull Girls trying to mack on the fabulous energy in the room) was the booty shakin’ last song.  It reminded me of this crazy Martha Washington character that I met at Shanna’s sleepover last summer.  She was totally patriotic and TOTALLY into herself.  Check out the video!




2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Teenage Dance-aholic….

  1. Bahahahaha! I love that you pimp your alter ego out on the blog, Kel. Also, this playlist was such an AWESOME debut from DJ Gingersnap. We hope you grace us with another mix soon!!

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