CH-CH-CH-Changes! ***New Den Mammas! New Summer Schedule!***

Your Chicago DDPP co-founders Jenn Brandel and Jenn Salvatore are passing the torch… or sparkly pink star wand, rather… to 7 amazing DDPP regulars starting in May 2011! Quite simply, we have savored, loved and delighted over the amazing community of DDPP during the last half decade (!!!), but it’s time for us to be movin on.

Just so you know 100% it’s not personal – we’ll elaborate. Jenn Brandel has recently acquired some work writing for the NPR news quiz Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me! and is also going to need more time to devote to her family as her mom enters chemotherapy. Jenn Salvatore is up to her ears in homework as a 2nd year Chicago public high school teacher and needs every iota of free-time possible to stare at the wall and regain her inner peace.

So who’s gonna be takin care o bidness come May? Drumroll please…and funky synthesizer, and more drums, and bass…and Robyn, if she’s available…

Behold your DDPP Den Mothers of the FUTURE! You’ll no doubt recognize the bottom two as Kelly Peraino and Kelley Clink, our much beloved and longtime Sunday DDPP Den Mothers. Well they are now your official masters of all things DDPP! And joining them in keeping the dream alive and hot is (L to R) Catherine Carrigan, Jill Westerfelhaus , Amy Letcher, Kristen Studard and topping the picture pyramid, Unity Ostercamp.

Over the coming weeks you’ll learn more about them as their bios pop up on the right of this screen, and as you behold their mind-bogglingly awesome dance moves at DDPPs. But before Jenn Salvatore and myself bid a final sayonara (*lie alert: we’ll actually for sure be attending DDPP still whenever we can, we’ll just have no responsibility other than dancing), we’d like to invite you to our:


Wednesday, April 27th 7-8pm (usual time/place)

***with possible karaoke party afterwards***

Yes, this mix, in the style of all our previous ones – will be epically relentless. You will sweat through your t-shirt, underoos, and your skin may even get prune-like as though you fell asleep in the bathtub (again). Please join us as we discharge heaps of salty-liquids from our armpits and eyeballs. Karaoke details will be posted once finalized. 

And SUMMER?! SUMMER!!! It’s coming! Despite what this cold-ass gloomy Saturday would lead us to believe. In honor of the months when no one, including us, finds it as easy to go inside on a beauteous summery Sunday, we’re cutting back to TWO SUNDAY DDPP’s over the months of July, August and September. Here’s how it’ll work:

Through June 2011, we’ll be getting down every Wednesday evening from 7-8pmand Sundays from 4-5pm at Perceptual Motion Dance Studio.

We will meet every other Sunday for the months of July, August and September, resuming every Sunday in October.


July Sundays: 10th, 24th
August Sundays: 7th, 21st
September Sundays: 11th, 25th

We will resume every Sunday DDPP in October. And hey! We got DJ slots open! So claim yours now by emailing ddppchicago[at]gmail[dot]com!


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