We’ve all got our favorite spot in the studio. Some like to sidle up  next to the flashing strobe lights, others like to shake it by the lava light, and some ladies perfect their vicious moves in the mirror by the disco ball. We like our spots and it would take something pretty monumental to pry us away from them. Well DJ O’hal Yeah brought out her secret weapon, a song so infectious that you just. have. to. STRUT.

I am referring, of course, to that Michael Jackson classic “The Way You Make Me Feel”, which is apparently also a short film. (Srsly, the extended video is NINE MINUTES LONG. If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, I’ll summarize: street life is bad, be yourself, following a girl while she’s walking down the street is not creepy, but rather an effective method of flirting.)

This song came on we turned the studio into our own version of that video, but without any gross catcalling. At the end of the song every woman in the room was in a NEW spot on the dance floor! You can’t fight the strut! Success!

Oh, and there’s a new dance craze sweeping DDPP! I’ll go ahead and call out DJ Sex Frosting as the originator of this one. It’s an homage to Ke$ha and I’m naming it the “Drunk Ragdoll”. If you missed class on Sunday, you missed a room full of ladies robotically flopping around to the beat, occasionally falling all the way over from the waist down. It’s as awesome as it sounds. Try it next time you come! Still not sure what the Drunk Ragdoll is? Well, there’s an app for that! (?!)

Was it an awesome mix? O’hal YEAH it was!


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