DDKKGGPP! Weds April 27th!

So what does DDKKGGPP stand for? I’ll spare you my horrible jokes and cut to the point: Dance Dance Karaoke Karaoke Goodbye Goodbye Party Party.

Yes in one sissy little week, it’ll be Jenn Brandel and Jenn Salvatore’s LAST night as DJs, den mothers, co-founders and overall maniacs on the dance floor. And to commemorate the 5+ years of laboring and loving they’ve done to birth the beautiful baby girl DeeDee Pee Pee, we will be singing our hearts out about it.

Here’s the skinny:

Where it at, yo? THE SPOT: 4437 N. Broadway (aka a 5 min drive from DDPP, just north of Montrose)

When it at, hey? 8pm onwards and upwards

Dicks OK?  Yep! This par-tay is open to guys and gals alike. So ladies, come bust a move at the Jenn’s last DDPP and then join us at the spot for follow up shenanigans (or just the shenanigans if you can’t make the mix) and fellas, come for the karaoke, stay for the scent of sweaty womens.

And if yer lucky, you’ll be treated to Salvatore and Brandel on the mic as Hall and Oates… (yes, this is those crazay ladaaaays pictured.)


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