bird bird bird, bird is the word

Allow us to provide a little before and after photography to convey what an hour of DJ Fairy Punkmother’s mix did to our brains and bodies. And yes – that’s the Dj herself pictured…

From a tu-tu’d cool dude with ‘tude into a boy oh boy full of joy division in full psychedelic hues. That’s what happened. Formerly DJ Slap! Chop!, the newly minted fresh as springtime DJ Fairy Punkmother revived an old mix for a new crowd and a new day. Tonight the ladies sprinted, galloped, made shadow puppet love to the wall and everyone in the room gave up something while this classic raged:

Some of us gave up our sense of time, others their attachment to the super hot Mike Cousino – their 7th grade lover with whom they made out to that song with. And personally, I gave away all brain connection to muscular control and seizured around the studio with limbs a flailing. Composure has not yet been regained. DJ Fairy Punkmother – we have you to thank. Imma be hiding something special underneath my pillow for you tonight. I hope you find it.
AND HEY YA’LL! In honor of cadbury cream egg hangovers, there will be NO DDPP this SUNDAY! So save up your energy and come bounce your hams around to next Wednesday’s goodbye mix from the Jenns! Karaoke to follow…


One thought on “bird bird bird, bird is the word

  1. 24 hours ago I was with my belly dance class all elegant with my veil ‘n’ stuff. Tonight I was throwing myself around to “Stigmata.” In a tutu. Singing along at the top of my lungs. I love dance. And I love DDPP.

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