Hot dog! It’s DJ Sex Frosting!

When you arrive at DDPP and the DJ is wearing a tiny gold sequined hat, you know you’re in for something special. So seeing DJ Sex Frosting rocking the tiny tophat pictured below (though sans side ponytail and gold gloves) was the harbinger of a truly spectacular mix.

“Like totally, my mix was radical! A-DUH!”

It could turn a timid adorable hot dog like this:

Into a sassy in-control on-the-go business lady (who just happens to be wearing a hot dog hat) like this:

Because DJ Sex frosting wasn’t the only gal in attendance wearing an incredible chapeau. Den Mother, DJ Fairy Punkmother brought her very own HOT DOG HAT to rock during Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat) by the Detroit Cobras. And rock she did!

Also, N.E.R.D. may want to rename their song Everybody Nose (All The Girls Standing In the Line for the Bathroom) because the way we do it is definitely All The Girls DANCING In the Line for the Bathroom. If anyone has Pharrell’s email, please let us know so we can give him our lyrical notes.

(Tiny sequined and hot dog-shaped) hats off to DJ Sex Frosting for a killer mix!!! Killer, as in it almost killed me. Good thing it didn’t, cause then I’d need a ghost writer. Ha! Now I kill me! Alf? Anybody? Oh boy.  I’m gonna quit typing so you can move on to the awesome booty-shakin’ playlist below.


One thought on “Hot dog! It’s DJ Sex Frosting!

  1. Only problem with my hot dog hat is it has KETCHUP (or red fabric)! Never put ketchup on a hot dog! The mix was perfect, the hat was not!

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