Do you love your monkey (thumbs) or do you love me?

There are times in life that it feels good to make a decision. Like when you’re at brunch after a late night and you and your bestie resolve the “sweet vs. savory” debate in no time by agreeing to go 50/50 on the french toast and the chilaquiles. Or when  you finally pick your college major or commit to a new paint color for your bedroom (I went with Twilight Gray, y’all, and it looks awesome!). When it starts to get tricky, though, is when George Michael spends a whole song speaking in euphemisms:

Thankfully, loving DJ Monkeythumbs, her playlist AND ourselves on Wednesday night required no such internal struggle. Though she admitted that the process of compiling her first mix was a bit nerve-wracking, our DJ quickly had the crowd of 15 bopping around the room to an eclectic selection of her favorite songs.

Including, I’m not gonna lie, a song that totally got me tearing up MID-PLAYLIST. For those of you who don’t know “This Year” by the Mountain Goats, let’s just say it’s one of those uber-inspiring autobiographical tunes about making it through hard times and emerging triumphant. We know (because you tell us!) that there are so many reasons you show up to DDPP: sometimes it’s to catch up with friends or make new ones when you’ve just moved to town. Sometimes it’s to keep a great week going. Sometimes, as one woman shared with us on Wednesday night, it’s because getting back to exercising after some time away is pretty scary, and it feels safer to do in a truly judgment-free zone. And sometimes it’s to elevate our mood, to remind us that, goldangit, we ARE gonna make it through this year if it kills us. And this song just brought that all to the forefront for me in the best, BEST way. It was a special private moment, is what I’m saying, so I had to share it with the rest of you.

And if that wasn’t enough, DJ Monkeythumbs followed up the song that will forever be known as “The One That Makes DJ Ssssnake Go All Eeeemo” with a gem from the New York Metro Mass Choir that featured not one, not two, but FORTY-SEVEN HUNDRED false endings. Such. A. Jam! Hatin’ that I can’t find it on the Youtubes to share with you all, but trust.

We can’t wait for you to come back and DJ for us again, Monkeythumbs, but in the meantime, let us register our approval in the way we best know how: I Can Has Cheezburger style…


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