DJ Kling-On Say Relax

Watch out Dear Abby, Dr. Phil, and maybe even Oprah! (Actually, ESPECIALLY Oprah. She’s forsaking our fair city.) DJ Kling-On used her rockin’ playlist to hit us with an hour full of sage advice- all through the power of song! Our Sunday afternoon crew left the studio smarter and possibly even more…dare I say…relaxed? than whence we came. How is that possible, you ask? Let me lay out a few of the gems DJ Kling-On laid on us:

  • Don’t change.
  • Be your own personal Jesus.
  • RELAX! (Don’t do it…when you wanna go to it…  I just got that song in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.)
  • Never let your best friend down- take a ride with them instead. Who doesn’t love a good bestie road trip?
  • Don’t get lost in the supermarket.
And sometimes, people, just…
  • Shout, shout, let it all out. (Especially if you’ve just gotten through playing the crying game.)

Now I’ve been known to call DDPP “dance therapy” before, but trust me, DJ Kling-On took it to a whole new level. Ladies were so caught up in the moment that they were practically speaking in tongues during “Personal Jesus”- and one tutu-ed den mama even took it allll the way down to the floor!
Now by a happenstance of some sort of computer glitch, Sunday’s masterful mix was apparently one song shorter than intended, but not only did that round things out to a lucky number 13, but no one could even tell! We were pooped and perfectly happy as-is! And I didn’t get to hear the name of what song missed the par-tay, but I can only imagine that maybe it was this one…and that if we had gotten to dance to it, it might have looked something like this…
Rock on, DJ Kling-On! Thanks for all the advice!

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