DJ Arsen making DDPP Truly OUTRAGEOUS!

Trust me when I say we were not a bunch of “Misfits” when we converged on the dance floor for DJ Arsen’s fantabulouso mix….no Diggity, no DOUBT!   We Naughty Girls were looking for love (cause we need it to YO!) while applying our Lip Gloss cause we like to Party all the Time (but NOT with a Short, Short Man)…wondering What have you done for us lately?!?!?  We Around the Way Girls know how to Do it Like a Dude & Say it Right while humming along to the NCIS theme song, so Baby you know you Won’t Forget Our Number.  We wondered “Where is My Mind” while Jump jumping to pick up our Passengers on the highway to dancing nirvana…Der Kommisar!

Hey if you don’t believe my tale of the TRULY OUTRAGEOUS Sunday Funday gathering…check out the playlist below (it was a booty shaking good time).  Thanks DJ Arsen for bringing the HEAT!

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