Dance Dance Bama Bama: Good For a Girl AND a Boy!

Most of you probably know that on April 27th one of the worst tornado outbreaks in history hit the Southeast.  Most of you probably know that Alabama was the hardest hit state, with the largest number of injuries and fatalities.  Small towns were wiped off the map, and whole neighborhoods in larger cities were completely destroyed.

What you probably don’t know is that two of our denmothers, Kelley Clink and Catherine Carrigan, hail from the Heart of Dixie.  Their families and friends were all gratefully okay, but they’d like to do their part to help the thousands of people who weren’t so lucky.  Here’s where you come in:

DDPP is proud to announce their second fundraising dance party, which will also be their second CO-ED dance party!  Once again we will be opening our doors to dudes, so ladies, BRING YOUR MEN!!!  Boyfriends, husbands, brothers, fathers, friends—we want to see some man meat on the dance floor!  And keep reading, because this just keeps getting more and more exciting…

We will be using a special space for this fundraiser—one FOUR TIMES the size of our usual studio.  This means we are hoping to pack in at least four times the amount of sweaty, gyrating bodies!

Oh, and did we mention, we’re reverting back to a 90 minute mix for this bad boy!  We know, right?

The organization we’re raising money for—Compassion Coalition—is based in Tuscaloosa, one of the hardest hit areas and Kelley’s hometown.  Compassion Coalition is an organization of 50+ local church congregations (non-denominational and non-proselytizing) whose mission is disaster relief.  It’s been in existence since before Katrina.  The focus of the organization is presently on creating as many transitional homes as possible to get people out of the shelters.  Transitional housing is an intermediary step before permanent housing is available.  It could be created by repairing existing, but vacant current homes, or “retrofitting” vacant storefronts.  There are volunteer crews on the ground working on this, but they need funds for materials.  Compassion Coalition is solely operated by volunteers, so all donations go straight back to the community instead of into salaries.

Here are the details:

WHEN:     Sunday June 12, 2011, from 3:30 to 5 pm.

WHERE:  Church of West Ridge, 6015 N Francisco Ave, Chicago, IL 60659.  Parking lot is behind the church, off of Francisco, as is the entrance to the gymnasium where we’ll be dancing (awww yeah!)

Visit our page at Eventbrite to RSVP for the event, to make a donation even if you can’t make the party, and, if you’re feeling funky, to buy a t-shirt (featuring the logo below, designed by the lovely and talented Ross Zietz).

We’re suggesting a $20 dollar donation per person. If you want to give more, rock on with ya bad self! If you can’t afford $20, come anyway and bring what you can—every dollar helps.  Shirts are 15$, and must be ordered by JUNE 5, 2011.  Can’t make it to the jam but still want to help out?  Buy a donation ticket on Eventbrite, give your cash or check to one of our denmothers any time before June 12, or send a check directly to the charity at:

Compassion Coalition

P.O. Box 1507

Tuscaloosa, AL 35403-1507

Hope to see you and all the people you love with Y chromosomes on June 12!!

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