Moo-town Philly back again….

In her introduction to Wednesday’s mix, DJ Moo-ve It told us, “This mix is a little cheesy.” AS IF THAT WERE A BAD THING. Need we remind folks of the many, many wonderful things that are cheesy? Like pizza, and queso dip, and afterschool specials, and ZOMG GRILLED CHEESE?!?!? Because if dramatic reenactments of Enrique Iglasias songs (complete with people running and hiding around the room in attempts to escape his love) are wrong, well DJ, we don’t want to–nay, simply can’t–be right! DJ Moo-ve It’s playlist included throwbacks that had everybody throwin’ their hands in the air, mooving it on the floor like there was canned heat in our heels that night, baby.

But you know. YOU KNOW I’ve saved the best for last. And that is because our beloved DJ treated us to that little ditty from the City of Brotherly Love, which provided me with the perfect excuse to remind you that this happened. You’re welcome.

[Note: the extended clip, also available on YouTube, provides some valuable life lessons about stage parents and how sometimes you wanna love dance but not make it your whole life, you know? Stephanie Tanner, you can come DDPP with us anytime!]

So thanks, DJ Moo-ve It, for bringing your special brand of cheese to our dance party. It makes me laugh just thinking about it….


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