Sweat Your Face Off

Usually for Sunday DDPP I roll up in my workout clothes with a belly fulla brunch completely sans make-up, cause hey, my brunch pals aren’t judging and I KNOW the ladies of DDPP aren’t either. I mean, it’s the first rule! However, sometimes one has occasion to apply a lil’ Sunday morning make-up. Maybe you’re going to see your crush or perhaps your brunch spot is frequented by modeling scouts and you’re looking for your big break, or quite possibly you just don’t feel like yourself without some makeup on.

(BTW, Marilyn Manson has a new line of absinthe called MANSINTHE! It’s 66.6% alcohol. F’realz.)

I had gone to an event that morning that I knew was being filmed so I had applied some make-up and was feelin’ good. I don’t have a picture of what I looked like, so you can just assume that my eye makeup looked like this when I showed up.

And then I met DJ ENRG’s playlist! Ooooooh child, even if my mascara had been waterproof I don’t think it could’ve withstood the torrent of sweat that her playlist unleashed.

Under the weather and feelin’ a little hazy on some cold medicine, DJ ENRG was worried that she wouldn’t be able to live up to her moniker. But the dedicated women of DDPP were more than happy to carry on in her name! With a relentless mix of dance hits that just wouldn’t quit, all the ladies were feelin’ ENRG’s energy! I certainly was. How do I know? Because at the end of class, I looked like this:

Yup. My mascara was running all down my face, but I was still smiling. How could I not be? Have you seen this mix?

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