Bring some ca$h, shake that A$$!!!

Ladies (and let’s not forget the gentlemen this time!!!)- the day is almost upon us! Dance Dance Bama Bama is THIS SUNDAY! That means we’re leaving our cozy confines for this one time only to invite as many people as we can to cram into a gym and get sweaty with us co-ed style for a fantastic cause! I know we’ve told you before, but here’s a little recap for ya:

We’re holding this very special edition of DDPP as a fundraiser for the tornado victims of Alabama, a cause near and dear to 2 of our southern belle den mamas. Every single cent of the proceeds are going to an organization called Compassion Coalition, based in Tuscaloosa- the local paper already gave us a shout-out! What WHAT!

Oh, and have you seen this gem of a logo from the charming and charitable Ross Zietz?

Maybe you were lucky enough to order it on a t-shirt! But even if you didn’t, we want to see you there in your leg-warmer-est best! Here are all the important deets:

WHEN:     Sunday June 12, 2011, from 3:30 to 5 pm. (That’s right- a 90 minute mix!)

WHERE:  Church of West Ridge, 6015 N Francisco Ave, Chicago, IL 60659.  Parking lot is behind the church, off of Francisco, as is the entrance to the gymnasium where we’ll be dancing (awww yeah!)

We’re suggesting a $20 dollar donation per person. If you want to give more, rock on with ya bad self! If you can’t afford $20, come anyway and bring what you can—every dollar helps. Can’t make it to the jam but still want to help out?  Give your cash or check to one of our den mothers any time before June 12, or send a check directly to the charity at:

Compassion Coalition

P.O. Box 1507

Tuscaloosa, AL 35403-1507

Bring every single one of your dude and lady friends, and we’ll see you on the (church gym) dance floor!


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