Your den mothers, rockin' the custom t-shirts. Shout out to Kelly P., not pictured because she was on her way back from a half marathon! Get it, girl!

When I think about what went down on Sunday (and the above picture in particular), the first word that comes to mind is EPIC. For one special day, DDPP morphed into DDBB (Dance Dance Bama Bama)! We held this special co-ed fundraiser for the tornado victims of Alabama at a larger space- den mother Unity’s church gym, and I’m gonna go ahead and assume that we rocked that gym like it’s never been rocked before! I definitely know for a fact that we broke a majority of the youth/open gym rules that were posted….but all in the name of a good cause, people!

A rare action shot!

We worked hard to make all the magic that transpired happen, but it certainly paid off on the dance floor Sunday afternoon! We packed the space with a super bunch of women AND men! And native Southern den mothers Kelley C. and Catherine collaborated on a KILLER 90 MINUTE playlist! Back in the olden days of DDPP, this time frame used to be par for the course. But after feeling winded by the 4th song and knowing there was still more than an hour of jams to be had, I couldn’t for the life of me remember how we ever danced for that long every week! Thankfully, the combination of the stellar tunes and the adrenaline rush that kicked in about halfway through kept everyone on their feet, busting out their best moves. We saw everything from zombie shuffling and air guitar to square dancing and some diva-worthy runway walking! DJ Sassybrass even cut open both of her knees sliding across the floor during “Footloose”! And the injured Kelley C. joined us for a couple songs to work on her chair-dancing. What can I say? We’re a dedicated group.

Here’s the playlist that kept us sweating and somehow still begging for more by the end of it:

We couldn’t have done all this without a lot of help from a lot of people. So it’s time to go all old-school liner notes on your asses and dole out some heartfelt thank yous in writing, from all the den mothers. First and foremost, thank you to each and every person that came out on Sunday. Your enthusiasm and generosity helped make DDBB a huge success! Thanks to den mother main squeezes Matt and Danny, for being MacGyver-worthy handymen. Thanks to all of you that donated money and/or bought a shirt even if you couldn’t make it. And thanks to the Church of West Ridge for hosting us!

Because of all of you, we’re proud to announce that we raised a grand total of $765!!! And there’s more good news- it’s not to late to donate! Our goal was $1000, and we’re sooo close. Please help us get all the way there! All of your money is going straight to Compassion Coalition in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and you can give cash or checks to any of the den mothers or send a check straight to the charity at this address:

Compassion Coalition

P.O. Box 1507

Tuscaloosa, AL 35403-1507


The giving never stops, and neither does the DANCING!


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