Yo go-go gurl!

Every little girl wants a pony.

But when little girls grow up into dancin’ ladies, they want a different kind of pony and DJ Cake or Death is happy to oblige! With 23, count ’em twenty-three, songs (the awesome thing about oldies is they’re around 2 minutes!), her go-go inspired playlist had us all doing the pony, the swim, the twist, the watusi and a few new moves of our own. If you couldn’t make it, just imagine that we looked like this:

Class started with a mini go-go lesson where Cake or Death demonstrated a few classic go-go dance moves for us to use as we pleased and ended with everyone in the room running in circles literally yelling Woo hoo! Oh, and there was a Nelly break near the middle where we all busted loose (a subtle homage to the another type of go-go music. Nice touch!) Cake or Death, wherever you are, that’s where we wanna go-go!


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