1987…A Signature Year!

The stars all aligned in DDPP world this week when we needed a last minute DJ.  It happened to be DJ Chelles Belles BIRTHDAY WEEK so she grabbed the spot and HOLY CRAP are we glad she did!!!  Celebrating 24 years of endless beats, Chelles Belles ROCKED us with hits from 1987 to the present.  A child of the 90s indeed!  Den Mother Jill was so excited that a group of her friends showed up she exclaimed, “I’m so happy, I’m going to wear my tutu!”  Oh yeah….

This mix was so bangin’ we didn’t even need a warm up!  We were jumping and flailing our arms in the air to Livin’ on a Prayer before our heart rates knew what happened!!  There was a palpable feeling of unfettered release and unity in that sweaty studio filled with 16 amazing women!  I felt it..and I’m sure our positive vibration was echoing everywhere!  Booty shakes with Salt-N-Pepa brought to mind our beloved Den Mother Kelley Clink who had a BIRTHDAY yesterday.

The ultimate booty shaker? Kell C!

Multiple poloroid pictures were developing with Andre 2000 and we were yelping for joy at the Ray of Light that emerged during Madonna’s peek-a-boo appearance.  All in all I left with an unexplainable joy in my heart….like it was a dream….but it WASN’T!!!  Dance Dance Party Party brought thoughts of alternate realities, dream scapes and enlightened women.  One of our first timers on seeing the lava lamp projector on the wall with splooges of what could be mistaken for a giant Petri dish of reproductive material commented, “Its like Inception.”  That it is my friends….that. it. is.

Happy Birthday to DJ Chelles Belles and to our one and only Den Mother Kelley C!!

4 thoughts on “1987…A Signature Year!

  1. OMG girl!! I love that I can still at least be on the blog, even when I’m not on the dancefloor. Thanks for making me feel like I’m still a living, breathing part of this magical dance-gasm we call DDPP!!

  2. OMG. The pictures cracked me up!

    So happy to bring the birthday joy to everyone, including to a Kelley C, so far away.


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