Sunday Summer Schedule is about to be in FULL effect!

Baby, it’s clear that you’re a firework. C’mon. Let your colors burst. Just not at Perceptual Motion this Sunday.

That’s right, ladies- you’ll have to wait a whole extra week to get jiggy with us on the weekend. Our summer schedule starts…NOW! Right now! What does that mean, you ask? Well, look at the top of the page on the left for a handy cheat sheet including dates! Or read on…for the months of July, August, and September, DDPP will only be held every other Sunday. There is no change to the Wednesday schedule!  Wednesdays are gonna keep on rockin’ it like everybody has to go to work on Thursday, and not even in flip flops! Real shoes! But Sunday, oh Sunday, in the summers- you’ll be out of town, frolicking on the beach, BBQ-ing up a storm. Tim Allen might even lure you to Michigan with his soothing voice.

Don’t think that doesn’t mean we expect you to stop dancing, though. If every single one of you does not go to a fireworks display this weekend and inspire a stranger to record a video of you on their phone in equal parts shock and awe like the man featured below, well, then we don’t even KNOW you.


I would also like everyone to please note that the description for the video is simply “HELL NAW!” That dude makes me want to organize another co-ed event immediately just so I can invite him.

One more important reminder- at our next Sunday DDPP, which is July 10th at our regularly scheduled time and place, Old Town School’s Folk and Roots Festival will also be happening a couple blocks away. So if you’re driving, allow yourself some extra time to search for parking- it might be tighter than usual! And please, have a sparkler-tastic 4th of July! Or if you’re Justin Bieber, a happy Canada Day today.


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