Letter to a DJ.

Dear DJ Ssssnake of early 2010:

I know, it’s totally weird that I, DJ Ssssnake of mid-2011, am writing you this letter on the DDPP blog. But due to DJ Moo-ve It’s illness (feel better soon, girl!), I was asked to pull a playlist from the archives for tonight. I’d listened to our second playlist just a few nights ago, and so it seemed fitting. I’ll be honest, though, that it was hard at times to follow the first rule of DDPP (No judgment of yourself or others!) as I was reflecting on the You/Us that put these songs together nearly a year and a half ago. In an effort to stop, I started mentally compiling a list of things I would want to tell You/Us if we were somehow able to have a totally time- and space-bending face-to-face interaction. As that doesn’t seem possible until I engineer my own TARDIS (Doctor Who fans in the house say whaaaa?), I’ll have to make do with this letter. And so a few of the thoughts that crossed my mind tonight:

1) In the coming year, you will throw together half a dozen more playlists. Every time, you will stress about whether you went a little too obscure with some of your choices, but every time the other women here will love them. Thanks to DDPP, you will officially decide that Swedish pop star Robyn is your spirit animal and you will pretty much completely overcome your lifelong fear of public karaoke. You will sing “Ballroom Blitz” to your friends–loudly–at any given opportunity.
2) The economic condition in the U.S. will improve in some ways and worsen in others. A bunch of celebrities and politicians will behave badly and some really stressful things will happen with regards to the environment and human rights issues around the world. Not to minimize those things AT ALL, but on the upside, the last two seasons of Friday Night Lights will be completely amazing!
3) Later this month, you will meet a guy and he will be pretty supportive of this DDPP endeavor of yours. That relationship won’t pan out, and you’ll be a little bummed, but about a year from now you will meet someone so goldang awesome that he will volunteer to help out at DDPP fundraisers and everything! Which brings me to the final point….
4) You become a mother! NONONONONO not that kind–you can stop rocking back and forth in a little ball already (how DID you manage to do that so immediately?!?). Next spring DDPP’s founding Chicago den mothers will step down and ask you and a bunch of other terrific women to take over running this ramshackle collective. You will say yes and it will be a surprising amount of work, but such good, good GOOD work. You will do things like raise $1000 to aid the relief efforts following the tornadoes in Alabama (See item 2, supra), and you will treasure the friendships you’ve made and all of the great music you’ve danced to. Like that playlist you made back in February 2010. What did it look like again? Oh yeah:

And just like last time, the crowd of fourteen (including TONS of newbies!) followed You/Us through a set that was heavy on guitar riffs, but not SO heavy that we couldn’t just stop at moments to fling our hands in the air along with Kelly Clarkson or those dudes from Erasure. So thanks, DJ Sssnake of early 2010, old buddy, old pal…I don’t know where I’d be without you.

Very truly you(rs),
DJ Sssnake of mid-2011

4 thoughts on “Letter to a DJ.

  1. Can I just tell you that my husband once had to card a guy whose REAL name was Mr. Ssssssnake? Are you married to him?:)

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