Cutting Rugs and Melting Faces

If I had to pick 2 words to describe this Sunday’s mix, they would be NONSTOP HITS.

It was a day of firsts as DJ Cut-a-Rug unleashed her very first mix on a room totally packed full of mostly newbies! The air conditioning that felt refreshing when we first walked in was no match for everyone jumping, runway walking, and invisible pony-riding all over the studio with abandon to this jam-packed playlist:

James Brown – I Feel Good

Gloria Jones – Tainted Love

The Who – Can’t Explain

The Knack – My Sharona

Little Richard – Tutti Frutti

Jerry Lee Lewis – Whole Lotta Shaking Going On

Otis Day & The Knights – Shout

Chuck Berry – Maybelline

ABBA – Take a Chance on Me

Bruce Springstein – Dancing in the Dark

Devo – Whip It

The Ramones – I Wanna be Sedated

Billy Idol – White Wedding

Prince – Raspberry Beret

Tom Jones – Sex Bomb

Le Tigre – Deceptacon

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Michael Franti – Shake it

And if we weren’t already feeling melted enough between the heat outside and the profuse sweating inside, that guitar solo in “My Sharona” definitely melted everyone’s faces off! How have I heard that song 1,000 times and never truly noticed it?

I’m not sure if DJ Cut-a-Rug meant to do this or not, but the way she ordered the playlist made me feel like we were

…and I. LOVED. IT. Just in case you missed Cut-a-Rug’s superb debut, let me try and set the scene for you with this video by the same name as our DJ:

So basically…we were in a dance studio much like that one, but multiply her by about 20, take away the outfit and the line dancing, AND that song, and…oh, never mind. There’s no way I can try re-create or explain the vibe that was in that room yesterday! Every single lady- especially each and every new one- shook it like a salt shaker, a polaroid picture, a tambourine, and Lady GaGa herself.

Kudos, DJ Cut-a-Rug! You cut us up with your tunes like no other.



Our Sunday summer schedule is still rolling along, which means NO DDPP on Sunday, the 17th. We’ll see you on the 24th for den mother/DJ Sex Frosting’s greatest hits birthday mix!!!


2 thoughts on “Cutting Rugs and Melting Faces

  1. Girl, you are killing it with your writeups. The pictures!! I’m sad I missed this playlist because I would’ve cut a mighty rug to Deceptacon. You ALREADY KNOW.

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