The Get Wild Kingdom.

I’ll tell you what, after I saw the name our DJ had chosen for last Wednesday night I was runnin’ scared. We’ve all seen the YouTube, all experienced the meme that is the Honey Badger, right? [Sidenote: if not, please to spend the next 3:21 educating yourself]:

So you can see that I, DJ Ssssnake, had reason to be alarmed. Honey Badger just takes what it wants, you see, and apparently it has a special affinity for my species. I thought about trying to hide up in a tree but, yup, Honey Badger don’t give a shit. (Also: no trees in the DDPP studio.) So I was forced to gather my courage and slither into that studio all “DJ Ssssnake don’t care” and hope for the best.

And I was rewarded for my bravery, boy howdy! As you can see from the playlist below, DJ Honey Badger took us on a tour of her kingdom and boy, did it get wild. Our DJ proved herself to be, yes, really pretty badass, though I’ll take issue with the idea that she has no regard for any other animal whatsoever. I mean, Honey Badger don’t even live in the jungle, but she sure wants the animals there to boogie! She told us she named her mix “General Electric,” and it’s damn clear she DID have the power (get it?) to take our whole group’s dancing to another level. So thanks, DJ Honey Badger, for caring so much and giving us such a great hour of music to dance to!

Oh and P.S. Our DJ wants to keep a low profile on the Interwebs, so asked that in lieu of any other pictures, I offer this one to you all. If you happen to see a stick-chewing, sunglasses-, bandana- AND fur headdress-wearing woman standing in front of a sunburst walking down the street, though, now you know who to thank for this terrific mix!


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