DJ Sex Frosting and the Deathly Jams

DJ Sex Frosting is our resident redheaded Den Mother and she’s been known to pull a face or two. Most of them extremely sassy.

However, I happen to know that she’s a huge fan of the many faces of a certain magical redhead and so to celebrate her entrance into her 29th year on this planet as well as her TENTH playlist I will use his many expressions to tell the story of that sweaty Sunday afternoon.

DJ Sex Frosting is doing a greatest hits mix for her birthday?! Bloody hell!

But wait?! Doesn’t she have SO MANY jams?! I don’t know if I can handle it!

Is she starting off with R. Kelly? This is gonna hurt tomorrow, I can already tell.

Is this Swizz Beats?! We’re all gonna die!

Shots!? She played SHOTS in the MIDDLE of the playlist!? I’m gonna vom!

Seriously?! SERIOUSLY SEX FROSTING?! Are you trying to kill us with these jams?

Oh God, now I’m hallucinating.

I’m sweating so much it’s terrifying! But I CAN’T STOP DANCING!

Such is the power of a sex frosting playlist. Can’t wait for your 20th! Happy birthday gurl!

3 thoughts on “DJ Sex Frosting and the Deathly Jams

  1. Yesss!! The faces of Ronald Weasley bring a very special joy to my heart–thought it would run a distant second to the joy I would’ve felt if I could’ve been there to experience this gem of a playlist. Love you, Sex Frosting…SO MUCH.

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