It’s only rock ‘n’ roll…….

Ladies and gentlemen, the Rolling Stones!   The music of Mick Jagger, Keith (Keef) Richards and everyone else in the band has made this Fairy PunkMother Happy over and over again, and gotten her through times when she was Shattered and not getting any Satisfaction!

I grew up listening to the Rolling Stones.  Back in the day, I heard “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” on the AM car radio and there was….something….about it that drew me in.  I didn’t understand what the song was about, but I picked up on the frustration it conveyed.  Even then I liked a little angst in my music.  And I was won over.

I have other memories of the Stones from my early years.  I remember wondering what was behind the zipper on the album cover for “Sticky Fingers.”

OK,  NOW I know what was there.  Remember, this was a long time ago.

And I remember seeing performances like this.

Sigh….   Mick had such a nice booty and Keef was not yet ravaged by drugs.
This performance is from their 1972 American tour.  This was no ordinary rock band tour.   If you don’t believe me, listen to this guy.  This is by Robert Greenfield, who wrote about it in S.T.P.:  A Journey Through America with The Rolling Stones.  It was such a big deal, Rolling Stone was thinking of having Truman Capote, a real writer, write about it.  This is what happened:

“After partying heartily with the Stones, (Truman) Capote decided to forsake writing about them. Instead, he discussed his adventures at length with Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show. Even now, it’s hard to find a more fitting metaphor for what this tour was really all about. Not sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll but the initial acceptance of this music by mainstream America, not to mention a large segment of the jet set as well. In terms of celebrities using one another amidst a feeding frenzy of massed media, the 1972 tour marks the beginning of the modern era in rock.”

The beginning of the modern era in rock.  Wow.  That’s pretty accurate.  Finally, for better or worse, “mainstream America” was taking notice of rock.  Because of The Rolling Stones.  All this, the media frenzy, the music, the performances, made a lasting impression on a young Fairy PunkMother back when she was just a budding rock princess.

So let’s jump ahead several years.  I am still listening to The Stones.  Now I have DDPP as a place to go, to dance and vent and celebrate.  I will NEVER EVER forget playing these songs at DDPP and sharing them with you womens!   I love the “No Judgement” and “Sing Along at the Top of your Lungs” rules!  It felt EFFING GREAT to just let it go and rock out!  Thanks so much to DDPP for creating this environment and to the womens who were there singing and dancing along with me!

This is my long overdue love letter to Mick, Keef, Brian (RIP), Mick, Ronnie, Charlie, Bill and everyone else involved with The Rolling Stones, and also to DDPP.  I am so grateful for this music and you awesome women I can share it with!


4 thoughts on “It’s only rock ‘n’ roll…….

  1. I’m pulling a (DJ Lady) Kstud over here and nearly shedding a single tear of happiness. What a great post and, I’m sure, a great night. I’m sorry I missed it!

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