You don’t like rock ‘n’ roll???

Once upon a time I was seeing a guy who didn’t like rock ‘n’ roll.  What the hell was wrong with him?  What the hell was wrong with ME?  He didn’t like Joey, he didn’t like fun, he didn’t like the Ramones so he had to leave home!

(Apologies for the R word in the lyrics, by the way.)

Anyway, I knew he was No Good.  He’s gone and now I’m Happy and I can Whip My Hair anytime I want to any music I want!  And all he can do is say I Can’t Get Next to You!

But seriously, DJ Cake or Death had us sweatin’ up a storm in a studio that was as hot as an oven!   We felt like our Hearts were on Fire!  I had sweat in my EARS fer cryin out loud!  So our choice was clear!  Dance or Die?  We choose Dance!  Cake or Death?  We choose Cake!  And Dance!


7 thoughts on “You don’t like rock ‘n’ roll???

  1. The playlist was AWESOME!!!
    I saw a great quote about “Hunx” on YouTube. Something like, I didn’t know Joey Ramone and John Waters had a love child.
    DJ FPM

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