A night out with DJ Mizfit Toyz.

Wednesday night’s DJ told us that though she didn’t plan it this way, her mix (her very first!) ended up telling the story of one lady’s night out. First of all, let me tell you that if this is the way DJ Mizfit Toyz goes out, I want to find a way to her island like immediately. Because let me tell you the kind of evening her playlist had us imagining….

It all got going with the warmup song, you know, like you might listen to while getting dressed to go out on the town. So now that you’re lookin’ so fine, you meet up with some gal pals for cocktails (‘cuz you’re classy). The music’s cool and you did remember to bring your dancing shoes so, what the heck, you decide to check out that club with the cute guys or gals standing outside. Soon enough you’re inside and all of a sudden it’s OHMYGOSHINSANITY on the dance floor. You find yourself flinging yourself around the room feeling like the amazingly sexy woman that you are, because all of the music makes you feel so strong and competent and happy about everything. You feel like the grown-up version of this girl:



And then it’s the wee hours of the morning and your friends, though lovely, bailed a while ago, so you catch a cab. Miracle of miracles, that awesome Florence & the Machine comes on the car stereo and your driver agrees to put it on repeat because otherwise he just KNOWS you’ll act like this kid does at 2:11 in:



So the kind cabbie, eager to get his friends on the phone to tell them about the crazy (awesome) lady he just drove home, waits for you to get safely in your building. Roommates gone, you turn on that Tweet song as you’re getting ready for bed–yeah, you know the one–and let’s just say you tuck yourself in all special-like.



Oh My, DJ! You are welcome to bring your special brand of DJ magic back to our studio anytime!


2 thoughts on “A night out with DJ Mizfit Toyz.

  1. Thanks for the great review! It was actually my second mix (first was as da Bride). I’m already scheming for my third.
    I love that little girl video, btw!

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